Friday, September 16, 2016

Half a Finished Object and it isn't even mine!

If you are a knitter, and this may hold true for other crafts as well but knitting is my "thing" so I can speak from experience, you know that sometimes you have projects that warp the space time continuum in one direction or the other. 

I think that it works like this.

Knitting time, or the time spent knitting and actually accomplishing anything, is like a savings account.  Those times where you knit and knit, knit and knit, knit and knit and somehow have a project that hasn't grown at all, are when you are putting time into the bank.  Those times where you cast on and find you are casting off five minutes later with the project complete, that is when you are taking time out of the bank. (Maybe that is why so many knitters start with scarves that take years to finish, putting time in the bank for later?)

My test knit for Diane Conroy was one of the "flies off the needles faster than you can say I am going to knit a ponchetta" projects, so it stands to reason that my knitting time this week has been spent knitting and knitting without measurable progress.  To make matters worse it is one of those "behind the scenes" projects that I am not sharing yet, but I will give you a few hints.

1)  It is big.
2)  Multiple colors.
3)  Wool, which also means it is hot to work on right now.

4)  It must be heading into Fall time in the Ohio area because in going through my knitting projects from last year I noticed that, this time last year I cast on for a big project in some very similar colors.*

So as I have nothing of consequence to show you, I will show you what TDQ did this week instead!

TDQ spends a lot of time making things with beads.  Which means that those of us who knit get beaded stitch markers for gift giving occasions, very nice for me and TOB, but TFB doesn't knit, he weaves, and she has never quite figured out what to give a weaver that involves beads.**  Having enjoyed dyeing her hair purple so very much she has decided to give dyeing yarn a try.

For her first experiment she bought this...

And made this.....

Then realized with all the classes she is taking that she needed to run off and study, so seeing what colors she actually creates will have to wait for another day.


*Different yarn and this time it is not a garter stitch blanket!

** We do handmade gifts.  We buy things too, but all of us are on the creative end of the spectrum of creators, makers, users and unmakers.

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