Wednesday, August 31, 2016

She's a Fickle Beast

I have been knitting when and where I can on my Nana's Cottage Shawl.  Using one skein of mystery yarn* and two skeins of my precious Land O Lace hoarded yarn. (Sorry, I can't link you to that, Bev isn't dyeing yarn right now which is a pity because I love it so very much!) 

TDQ has approved the colors and the shape, she thinks it will be the perfect thing to wear while working on her homework, waiting for me to pick her up from college.  Apparently in Columbus the public schools don't have air conditioning and the colleges have too much of it!

But, being the fickle knitter that I am, working through the modified feather and fan that makes up the body of this (very pretty) shawl, I am starting to get....well.....

On one of the forums on Ravelry there was a brief discussion about Startitis and it's companion, but lesser seen disease of Finishitupus.

Some knitters get Startitis in the spring, some in the early fall when the weather starts reminding them that "Winter is Coming and we must have all the Knitted Things to keep warm during the cold dark months".  One of the posters said she had a case of Finishitupus and it was suggested (by me, who else?) that she spread the disease where ever she could.  She answered with it sounding like the chicken pox parties that used to be held before the vaccine, and I came to a horrible conclusion.

A good case of Finishitupus, can result in those exposed to it getting a terrible case of Startitis.  All those beautiful finished object photo's in yarns we hadn't thought of can also make you want to cast on and have all the Knitted Things.

Keeping to the chicken pox analogy, that would indeed make Startitis chicken pox (highly contagious) and Finishitupus...well, I am sorry to say, Finishitupus would have to be a case of shingles. can't get Finishitupus unless you have had Startitis.

I need to find some new analogies for my knitting!

I think I am developing a case of Startitis!***  Seeing the projects for Inis Oirr start showing up on Instagram and the Ravelry page for the knit along have me dreaming of cables.**

*Who winds a skein of yarn into a cake, decides not to use it and then just shoves it in a drawer in the stash room without a label?  I suppose that would have to be me, because that is what happened.

**It would be lots of cables, I don't have sufficient worsted weight yarn for that shawl/throw but I have some perfectly perfect dark green sport weight.  All I would have to do is about 30% more knitting to get a decent sized finished object.

***Probably because I have samples to knit, edits to do and a pattern that is THIS close to being published.  Actually three are back from the editor but you only get to see them one at a time.

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