Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's are for Finished Objects

If you spend any time at all on Ravelry then you know that FO is finished object, UFO is an unfinished object (and sadly usually destined to remain that way for a long time!) and a WIP is a work in progress.  You also figure out fairly quickly that frogging is to rip something out, tinking is to "unknit" a stitch, series of stitches or row of stitches.

Those of us that craft very often tie those abbreviations to specific days of the week...Wednesday WIPS or Friday FO's...and I am no exception. (It sure makes planning what I am going to talk to you about easier.)  I should institute a Testing Thursday post for when I am knitting a design that hasn't been published yet for another designer, but I am not that organized in my blogging life!

Today's FO is just such a test.

Another designer, who I have test knit for before, needed a quick run through of a quick test knit, and having hit the doldrums of the KAL for Knotions,
finished up a couple of sample knits of my own and generally got tired of knitting the crazy things that my brain comes up with, I volunteered.

I should probably tell you the test knit was for a poncho type item for a child.

My youngest child is 17, taller than me, and would not wear a lace poncho if his life depended on it.

My oldest child is 20 and really wants one in her size...she literally tried to put it on when I had finished sewing it up!  (She has a big head and arms that wouldn't quite make it through the armholes, but I digress...)

Ponchetta by Diane Conroy is one of those knits that you cast on, suddenly find it is time to cast off and wonder if you should make another one!

I knit mine in some ColourMart Shiny Cotton held double and on size 10.5 US (6.5 mm) needles.

Right now my biggest questions are :

Which buttons?  

Blue for fun?  Metallic for subtle?  Yellow to match?

and...Where can I steal a child to model it?

Vote in the comments for the buttons, right now the metallic and blue are tied in the instagram posts!

Happy Weekend!  May all your knitting be as "zen" as this project was for me!


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