Monday, September 26, 2016

Resources for Knitters - You NEED this Book

I have mentioned before that I really like knitting socks and that you should too.  Or at least, give them a try to see if you like them.  I have a lot of different resources that I can use when I am knitting socks, to find tips and tricks, or heel calculations but as of this coming Saturday a lot of those tips, tricks, calculations and explanations can all be found in one place!

Jody Richards, the brains behind Knotions, a free online knitting magazine, has put together an ebook that is available for pre-order starting today.

Best part, pre-order it now and get it for much less than the "cover" price it will be on Saturday!

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the book over the weekend and can tell you that there is a lot in it and I even learned a thing or two!  Like why my superwash wool socks started felting after being thrown into the washer and dryer for a year without any problems!*

I wish I had that ebook when I was teaching some people I know how to knit socks, proactively answering questions before they had them, rather than re-actively answering after the fact.  I am a big fan of helping knitters get the tools they need to be self sufficient and that is why TOB will be reading through this before his next pair of socks goes on the needles.  (I hope they are the ones he has been promising me for a few years now and don't suddenly change to being for a friend or a teacher like the last knits for the knitter - sigh.)

You would think that with as many socks as I have knit, designed or tutored people through knitting that I wouldn't need this book and you would be 100% wrong. 

Wrong to the point that I pre-ordered mine today!  Having one reference that I go to is certainly "crafting smarter" than having to pull out three or four different books.

In other knitting news my Colourmart Fall Contest Entry is progressing and you will see more of her on Wednesday because she will undoubtedly still be a WIP then!

Until then....I am just going to keep on knitting, knitting, knitting.


*And if you want to know the why behind that..... you will have to get the book.  :)

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Jody - Knotions editor said...

You're sweet. Thanks for all those awesome words and your support!