Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a little

Some time ago I wrote a post where I talked about Enough.  At the time, although what I mentioned here was more about "stuff" there were other things that I had "enough" of and I tried really hard to let some of them just be, rather than take over my life.  Getting rid of stuff helped too, I am sure. Less stuff is always a good thing, especially us American's seem to fill our homes and lives with some of the most useless stuff there is.

Lately though, I have been wanting "Just a little..."  sometimes that gets followed with "more bounce in my steps" or "time with my kids"  or "rain for my garden" or "peace in my mind".  Some days are of course better than others, the days where I start by asking for "Just a little more patience" before I have got my shoes on, well those I am going to just let be.

But in keeping with the Just a Little theme, here is just a little knitting on Sangria Lace.
I really cannot tell you how impressed I am with the yarn I am using!  It is so soft and squishy, sparkly and cuddly...not to mention how meticulously the gradient has been dyed in it.  You can get your own here and then take this challenge for me....find the color changes!  I tried with it in the skein, I tried with it on the swift, I have tried with it in a ball and now I am trying to find them when I knit and I cannot do it!  This is one yarn where any plan of knitting until the "next color" will have you up all night and completing  a project!!

That picture is through the end of Chart C, Chart D will probably be posted to the group tomorrow, but I must not look at it!


Well, if you look at this you will see why.
Hmm, that Olympic knitting looks exactly the same as the last time we saw it!  I had better put some time in with her before the games are over!


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Amanda said...

Love, love your Sangria. Mine has taken backseat to some marathon olympic knitting.