Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do they have a drug for that?

It has been a busy week at my house!

School started back, so TDQ,TFB and TOB (The Drama Queen, The First Brother and The Other Brother) all had new routines to try and settle into.  Actually, they are the old routines with minor tweaks to bus stop pickups, but from the way they are acting you would think that the world was changing before their eyes.  To make things easier they still have the same chores as they did the week before, hah!  At least that is what I thought, in reality it turns out that over 50% of the time I had their chores from the week before, but by mid week I was tired of that so anything that wasn't done they either had to do the next morning before leaving or, if the offender had just gone up to bed, they came back down to do it.

Yesterday evening was interrupted by......

What is it they say, a picture is worth a thousand words?

That happy face passed right over our roof (actually that is how we knew it was there, he peeked in TDQ's bedroom window on his way over!) and we didn't think to grab the camera until it was the other side of the houses across from us.

Then we heard noises that said for sure there was another one around, but where?

Being stealthy, that low, in a hot air balloon is difficult, the gas flame things are loud!
A little height to get over those houses and then....
Down it went to land in a vacant lot nearby.

They weren't offering free rides to all comers which is a pity. I am sure it would have been a nice finish to the week.

In my little bit of quiet time after the kids go to bed and I am supposed to be catching up on my chores I have been in a dither.

What to knit next?

I should be looking at Holiday Knitting, now that school is back.  But instead I was searching for patterns  Ravelry, along with providing lots of choices, is a great time sink!  I browsed and searched, swatched and browsed some more.

Maybe something like this? Or this?  I keep going back and looking at this one!

TFB announced that his Language Arts teacher is pregnant and needs a baby blanket, so I scrolled through ideas for those as well.

And to top it off I have yarn that started out whispering very gently "Don't forget about me."  and is now yelling quite loudly "When are you going to knit with me?"

I might have a serious case of Startitis on my hands!

Wish me luck, I seem to have gone from nothing to speak of, to several major projects on my needles!


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Amanda said...

When you can't decide then its always best to start several projects. Love those hot air balloons.