Sunday, June 19, 2011


Those that know me in "real life" know that it has been a tough few months, the kind that make you look to the skies and rail at the knitting gods "I have had enough, find someone else to test and torment"...or words to that effect.

Sometimes when you raise your fist and shake it heavenward while yelling that very phrase a little voice behind you says..."If you have enough, give some away." And while I wish I could just pack up my troubles and send them on a long journey that wasn't really what the little voice behind me had in mind.

When I thought about what it said I realized that not only did I have enough, I had too much.

And so began the great clean out of 2011.
Not many months ago this would have been just a weekend project and done with, I move a bit slower than that now so what you see is actually the result of a weeks worth of "I can do anything for ten minutes...ok maybe five!"

One drawer at a time the boys clothes were purged, if it was ripped or didn't fit, into a bag it went.
And the same with my room.

TDQ has thus far declined to play, but we did a massive purge of her dresser in March so it shouldn't be too bad!
Yep, more from my closet. I have gone through about half of it, even though the plan was to finish it up today.

But you didn't really care about that, although the theme does carry on. It was not just stuff that I had had enough of. I had a serious case of "I have had enough of this (insert your favorite cuss word here, I am partial to shhuuugggaaarrryyyy) edging."

So I present to you :
Golden Eye as Baby Blanket. If you are not on Ravelry look here.

Yarn : Bernat Baby in Antique White and Baby Blue.
Size 4 (US) needles
Mods : None, I was not tempted to fiddle with the pattern at all this time around!
As this is an easy care acrylic yarn I steamed it pretty well, so it should come out of the washer and dryer looking just like that!

TDQ's blanket is much too heavy to work on while I am sitting in the summery weather of Ohio in June, so what was a knitter to do?
Cast on with some fingering Cotton/Linen/Silk blend from ColourMart and start her baby blanket through time collection! (Scroll down it is the last paragraph.)

Don't forget that Back to the Garden starts really soon here! Still time to join, it looks like it is going to be a really fun knit!

Finally in response to the comment, Amanda, only I would be crazy enough to put a border and edging all the way around a huge blanket, yours will be much easier if you follow the pattern and only work one side at a time.



Amanda said...

Impressive bit of clearing out you did there. Love that blanket. And as for the next one you started, well, I think that is such a lovely idea. And thanks for reminding me about sticking to the pattern. I've been knitting on that blanket for such a long time that I have forgotten the details for finishing it.

Melody said...

gorgeous blanket! maybe one day I can actually make something like that :)