Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Midnight Stroll at the Beach

Wow, did that two weeks shoot by in a hurry!  I had all these really big plans for how my Scrap Challenge knit was going to be, and then it hit me the other day that there was no way that I had enough time to knit as many stitches as my original plan needed.

So I did what any rational knitter would do when modifying a pattern anyway...I modified it again!

The original plan was to have approximately 60 rows of each color and end up with a very large, but very light, shawl.  Each color would have appeared once on its own as an open work area, once with the color before or after it as stripes, once on its own as a plain band and then the darkest color would have had an additional band of open work for the bottom of the shawl.

I had to use each color for the piece to qualify for the challenge, but I could use as much or as little as I wanted of each one, so when on Thursday I was still only on color 3, I threw that plan out the window and just knit.

Want to see what resulted?

Doesn't look like much, fresh off the needles like that, does it?

I started with the lightest blue, added a row of next shade blue eyelets, mixed the two blues in stripes and then dropped the lightest blue from the project. The original plan would have followed that pattern all the way to shade five where the entire piece would have been bound off.  The contrast between the third and fourth colors is a little more dramatic so I switched up the plan there.

You'll see in the next picture!

I ended up just using the darkest color, which looks almost black to me, for the last few rows and the bind off.
So instead of a lot of the darker water that you see when taking a midnight stroll on the beach, mostly I knit the pale streaks of moonlight and starlight that sometimes catch the tops of the waves.

Obligatory Stats :

ColourMart Scrap Set Challenge, cool merino lace
Based on Elegant Cashmere Triangle
Size 1 (US) needles, the 2.5mm
Grand total of 38 grams of yarn used
Someone stole my tape measure so I don't have finished dimensions, but I will get modeled shots when TDQ and the weather are being more cooperative.  Not tiny, anyway, certainly shawl sized!
It might not have followed the original plan, but I still think it will go well with a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt.  What do you think?


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