Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not Olympic Sized Yet

Today TDQ declared that Tuesday's are bad days, and I am not sure that I completely disagree with her!  I heard more of the "it-seems-to-be-never-ending" What have you done lately? and Why haven't you done this, or that, or six more things? and The solution is to work more hours!  When all I want is to find some balance!

I suppose it is like that pursuit of happiness that I am promised in The Constitution of the United States.  If you read all the words it says I can search for, and chase after, happiness all I want, but nowhere, not once, am I guaranteed to actually find or catch it!

In my ideal world, because I really and truly do love my work, I would get up and go in to my job, work a satisfaction filled day and then come home. Home where I would find my children had helped with the housework (they do, sometimes, when they remember to look at our chore board), that everyone ate their evening meal in civility (ok, not so much there is usually some heated discussion about something going on!) and then settle down to a quiet evening where we could talk, or play, or knit while listening to music we all agreed on, or a tv show we all liked to watch.

What I get instead is, rushed to work, run like heck while there, evening board meetings, conference calls telling me I am not doing enough, suggestions on how I can work more hours each week, customers who need help and more time than I need, gang members who march into my office and shut the door! (panicked my staff pretty good, but you would not believe how quickly a man with a gun arrived to escort him out!) Emails detailing my failings and those of my peer group, interspiced with calls to my best friend at work, am I crazy? Do I do that badly?  Am I really such a waste of space?*

My self imposed knitting deadlines are creeping up on me and what do I have to show for them?

Certainly not Olympic sized yet!

Maybe what I need to do is tell everyone else to "Go Away" and settle with some knitting until I find a modicum of balance.  What do you think?


*Why is it that no matter how much of a difference I make to the community I work in, how many awards I take home, home many times someone comes in and says "I just wanted to tell you how much you helped..." that all it takes is one hurtful, bullying, person to make a snotty comment and it brings me to tears?

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