Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teeny, Tiny Things are cute!

As promised, TDQ and the weather cooperated with me for half a second and I got my modeled shots of A Midnight Stroll on the Beach.

Brushing her hair before we took pictures was obviously not in the cards!

After we ran a couple of errands, she talked me into running into a local craft store, it also has rearranged since last we were in, so we couldn't find the things we wanted as quickly as I would have liked, but we might have accidentally gone up and down the yarn aisles. I was looking, turning my nose up actually, at some sport weight yarn when this Drama Queen squeal hit the air.  "These are just sooooooo cute!"

She came prancing over to me with several little packets of yarn.  I talked her out of all but one....

When we paid for the things we were in for, the cashier said she was using a less flashy set to make amigurumi animals for her daughter, and had already got several out of the first pack.  Let's put things into a little perspective here, it is really hard to tell from that picture how big, or small, those balls of yarn are!
Assorted beads and a size 16 crochet hook for size comparison!

I am not one for amigurumi animals, they are cute to look at, but darn fiddly little critters to knit!  But, those beads and the hook gave me an idea.......
(Excuse the blurry pictures, one of us couldn't hold still!)

27 beads, a toggle clasp and half an hour later we have a bracelet!
And enough yarn to make many more.

But, I am a chart behind on my Sangria, so I will not be knitting more bracelets for a day or three.


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