Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wow, Three in a Row!

I know you were not expecting another post anywhere near this quickly!  I certainly wasn't, but....TDQ has something that she wants to share!

She is ever so pleased with her bracelet. Not necessarily a project I would have suggested for a novice knitter, dealing with those great big beads and a small number of stitches is not the route I usually go when trying to teach someone to knit...ok the smaller needles yes, but not dragging beads and dealing with trying to keep them tight to your work while figuring out knits and purls!

She opted for some purple sock yarn for her second project, got it cast on and then drifted off to do something else.  Teenagers!  All gung ho one minute, gone the next.

I finally got ready for the last chart and bind off for my Sangria's.

Here is the "Summer" version

I am still totally in love with the yarn!  The little silver flecks that appear when I am knitting do not show up well in my pictures, nor does the soft, squishiness of the yarn itself.  You, seriously, have to try some!  The morsel sized skeins are just right for a cowl...just saying!

Close up of Chart D before I run off to knit Chart E and locate that pesky crochet hook that I keep losing, for the bind off!

Of course, being this close to the end of knit can only mean one thing!

What should I knit next?


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