Monday, August 13, 2012

Do you believe in magic?

Do you remember those little, tiny, balls of yarn I shared with you yesterday?

It seems, that along with being small and cute, they are magic.

They bring out mythical creatures!
Behold, the magic of teeny, tiny, little balls of yarn and a package of beads!
I know you are sure that the picture is smoke and mirrors, a trick of the light, or even greatly photoshopped, but that is a real picture of the mythical creature known as a Knitting Drama Queen!
It almost looked like she was smiling, while partaking in that hobby that she has assured me is "boring" and not something she would ever want to do!

I tried to sneak in the pictures, working on the "if you ignore it" the behavior will continue...uh oh.....

Looks like I got caught!

While she was getting half way through hers, I knit this one.  I wanted to have something similar on my needles so when she asked for help I could show her on mine, and not once take up her project as my own...I am sure that Mom knitting on her bracelet would be the kiss of death to ever knitting again!

Once she gets through with those 50 rows I think I might throw a pattern and some cashmere her way!  Followed, very quickly by a door and a big lock for my yarn room!!!


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