Monday, August 2, 2010


Do you remember my entry into the ColourMart Spring/Summer Contest?

Here, grab a reminder, I will wait!

I hadn't mentioned it here until now, it is up on Ravelry and Andrea might have mentioned it on the Summer Swatch Me! Group..but I won!

The rules were you could enter into as many categories as you liked but you could only win in one and that one would be the one with the largest prize. It was a peer voted contest, so every finished object started at zero and each time someone clicked "love" you got a vote. Ravelry is pretty fair, you can only click "love" once per post. Very fair way of making sure that the most people got the chance to win. The end result is that I won in Super Sweaters and the prize was 450 grams of ColourMart yarn, my choice of yarn!

Do you like what I picked?

It is a 18/46 in medium blue, 100% cashmere and I think that even before I knit with it I am in love! I can't wait to see what I make with it. :)

As promised yesterday, a look at two socks!
I am still working with the 11 year old camera, although I know what camera I want, I haven't found it at a price I like yet. Maybe in this weekends sales will be the deep discount I am looking for!

Even in this bad picture you can see how the twisted knit stitches stand out, but one of the coolest parts is the inside! But, you will have to make them yourself to see it.



Amanda said...

Congratulations and well deserved! Love the yarn you chose - fabulous colour. I hope to see it turned into something soon. And the socks look great too.

Annie said...

Congratulations! Lovely yarn.
And the socks look good, too.