Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Good Knitting goes BAD

Once Upon A Time there was a cocky knitter who, having just cast of a fairly complex, large shawl with no pattern repeats and teeny, tiny needles, bragged to herself that she had "Aced this one!"

The knitting gods heard her and laughed from on high.

She soaked the finished shawl and meticulously pinned it out on blocking boards, tape measure in hand and pins in her mouth to make sure that it was just right when...

She got hit in the face with a bead!

So distraught was our knitter she could not even take a proper photograph to show the gaping hole in her knitting and many bars of chocolate and not a few glasses of wine did little to console her.

Eventually our knitter dried her eyes and picked up some more tools of the trade.

In this case, a sharp sewing needle, another bead (the one that hit her having disappeared during the crying fest) and started re-weaving her work.

Good bright light was required along with an embroidery hoop to stabilize the work (not pictured, don't ask why but I kept taking it off and futzing with it between shots) and if you look closely at the picture above you can see the end of the yarn sticking out from where she started to weave it in.

Another blocking session was required to straighten things out all the way (again blurry, she must have been coming down from the anxiety attack but still shaking) but finally she was happy with the results!
Persian Princess revisited to show that everyone has good knitting go bad!



Amanda said...

Oh well saved! Its a stunning shawl. Have another glass of wine to celebrate!

RosalĂ­a said...

Congratulations! It's a splendid work!

Sue's Knitting Projects said...


I am so happy not to be alone! Thank you for posting this!

Terrific blog, too!

Sue in CA