Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When last we saw

When last we saw our neighborhood knitter, she was up to her elbows in Advent knitting, but alas in the time that has passed that knitting suffered from something of a demise.

The knitting was fine, gently laid on her desk when our knitter left it.

If only she had heeded advice she had been given so many years before about not stopping in the middle of a row!

The boy says it was the cats, the cats are inscrutable.

But never the less the needles were missing from the stitches when our knitter returned from her search for another cup of coffee.

Now the poor thing sits in a ziploc bag, awaiting it's final fate...to frog or attempt to pick up those pesky running stitches? Either way, this far into the holiday knitting season it will have to languish in that bag just a little longer. Maybe sometime after December 25th it will emerge!

In the meantime :

Mom's 2010 Christmas Cardigan

Pattern : Mr Greenjeans well sort of!
Mods : Made it longer, make one increases instead of yarn overs, pockets, five buttons.....does that really still count as the same pattern?
Yarn : Lion Brand Wool Ease in Oxford Grey
Size 8 (US) needles

Here is a closeup of the make one increases

And some pocket detail
But wait! That's not all.
TDQ's Featherweight cardigan
Jade Sapphire 2 ply Cashmere in Amethyst Haze
Size 6(US) needles
Mods : added false side seams..wanna see?
And changed up the edges a little so they didn't curl
And again, generally made it longer.

But wait! That's not all

Now doesn't that look nice and professional?

I found a business card template that I played around with for a while, then with the help of one of my employee's and her husband ended up with these cute little care tags.

The employee sells creative memories items on the side and had this great punch to make gift tags which was perfect! If you want one for your very own let me know and I will get you in touch with her!

One last look at the perfect tag and I am away to knit some more!

I thought I had one large project left to knit for the big day, obviously I can't count!


Edited to add a link that will automatically take you to my employees punch page!

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Amanda said...

You've done yourself proud! Great knitting. But what a bummer about the disappearing needles. Sometimes it takes less time to simply frog and start again.