Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The first day of Advent

In response to some of the comments lately :

Why yes, Amanda, Holiday Knitting could be when you take your needles with you on vacation and show them the beach, or a snowy hill. Sounds like fun to me.

And no, Sue, the herringbone mittens were not very complicated at all. Once you are a few rows into the pattern it all makes sense and apart from remembering when to stop increasing for the thumb gusset or start the mitten top decreases it was smooth sailing, I mean knitting.

But, onto actual knitting type things!

If you are at home with your needles, or happen to have taken some extra with you on holiday check out this blog !

Unikatissima is giving away a free advent lace pattern, and although I am technically not knitting scarves to knit about 28 rows of lace in addition to my regularly scheduled holiday knitting is an extra nice little break. That would also make it Holiday Knitting, don't you think?

Terribly dark picture, but it is terribly dark and cold in Mid-Western America at 9:00pm. Mine is being knit in some gorgeous lace weight wool from Land O Lace in Forada, which is some seriously beautiful greens!

I also got one other thing finished up.

Finally got the mole stuffed and sewn up. Don't you just love the little toes and beady eyes?

Ok, off to take a vacation with my needles now. :)



Sue said...

Oh how cute is the little mole! I dont particularly love knitting lace as I always manage to miss a yo. You need to concentrate without kids around whilst doing it I think.

Amanda said...

That mole is just the cutest thing. Like the green lace. And I'm very tempted by that Kal. Think I can manage a few rows a day.