Sunday, December 19, 2010


School is out for Winter Break, and just in time for some really cold temperatures and some snow. Rumor has it that if we have measurable snowfall before the big holiday that the rest of the winter will not be so bad. I hope that rumor is true, I am tired of shoveling snow off my driveway already!

Before the final day of this year at school, TDQ and her friends were hanging out in study hall and TDQ being the enabler she is collected requests for fingerless mitts from all her friends. Not for pay or anything, just requests for if I had time.

Last evening I needed something quick to keep me occupied waiting for a late arriving flight and I knocked out one of those puppies, this morning while children chattered and oohed and ahhed over monster man's fancy (freaking huge) laptop, I knocked out the other.

The reason I was looking for something to fill time was I also finished this :

For once I actually followed the pattern. (I'm practicing for the next round of test knits) and made NO modifications!!

Shrug with Swing
Patons Silk and Bamboo
Size 9 (US) needles
Pretty quick knit on those giant needles!

Wanna see the back?

I like the back the best on this one. :)

There has been other knitting, but it is the stealthy kind.

I am however, getting seriously behind on the Christmas knits! Monster Man might get socks for New Years.



Sue said...

Beautiful knits! We havent even had a proper summer here yet either, just one or two sunny days and then more rain and coldness!

Amanda said...

Your Shrug with swing is fabulous. And I also like those mitts (can I join the queue?;)) Which lace pattern did you use?

Jeri said...

Totally amazing --I just finished 3 pairs of mitts derived from SummerSwatchme patterns, and had printed out that same Swing Shrug pattern a few days ago--how lovely to see what you did with it! Gorgeous! Now I know what to make next ( after I finish so many other things...LOL).