Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa

Sometime after Thanksgiving, but before this week, the crew and I at work drew names for our Secret Santa Exchange.

The person I drew had been saying that she needed to make herself a scarf as her coat doesn't quite fit (or at all right now). That might have something to do with being well along in her pregnancy!! I pointed her in the direction of a simple wrap that will do more to keep her warm than the scarf would and took it upon myself to keep her neck and head warm for the next couple of months!!

I know, I said no scarves...but...she needed one!

Presenting :

Variations on a 28 row scarf this one actually being 32 rows.
Yarns : Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, Baby Bee Peach Fuzz and Bernat Alpaca Naturals Blend.
In some places the yarn is doubled up, in others all alone to give the piece just a little more depth and warm fuzziness.
When worn the ruffled edge likes to twist back across itself, making sure that the scarf wraps nicely around the neck. :)
And what is a scarf without a complimentary hat, I ask you?
My take on an Unoriginal Hat. You can just see the sparkle of the metallic in the mohair here.

She got them today at our gift exchange/pot luck where I pigged out on meatballs, two kinds of soup, cookies, greens, chicken drumsticks that melted.

I don't know about you, but I am still full!

Pictures of the latest finished object will be up tomorrow or later, I am supposedly watching 9 with the kids and can't take pics right now....but I have hours to spare before Christmas and nothing of note on my needles.

I wonder if I can squeak out one more project before heading to bed?


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Amanda said...

Aren't you clever? What a great scarf.