Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This or That?

I've been doing a couple of new things on Instagram lately....along with fellow designer Yvonne Becker aka handarbeitskram  I have been posting under the hash tag #100daysofhappiness the things that make me happy and I have been posting a This or That question on Tuesdays.

Each Tuesday I am coming up with a random choice...Sweaters or Shawls?  Socks or Hats? Cuff Down or Toe Up?  and wait for the comments to roll in.

It is really kind of fun.

(Although I have lost track of what number day I am on for the #100days posts...maybe I will keep it up forever, there is so much in the world that can bring you a spark of happiness if you let it!)

Today's #100days of happiness item I am still trying to figure out how to photo...since I started designing "for real" I have had a hand up from so many different people. Magazine and Book Editors willing to take a chance on an unknown, knitters willing to test knit,  other designers willing to give tips and tricks...the hand up is the happiness.  *

And...if you know how to photo that let me know!

What made you happy today?


*Of course in order to reap the benefits of things like this, you need to give as much as you get.  I like to believe that I do.

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