Sunday, August 6, 2017

Not Quiet!

In case you didn't know, I hang out on Ravelry a LOT!  I mean seriously a lot!  I am typically online all day long, either on my phone or an actual computer. (Typically when it is my phone I am stalking chat pages because...fat fingers...)

One of the groups that I hang out in has a lot of designers in it...mixed in with those who haven't taken the leap yet, for one reason or it is funny to hear us all talking about the same frustrations, inspirations and math!

We even have our own code for inspiration...Minnie Mouse...she comes and starts out whispering in your ear...this yarn, that stitch, it could be great...then she moves on to yelling...didn't you hear me?  THIS yarn, THAT stitch pattern, it will be GREAT..until all you can hear is this silly little mouse and in order to shut her up you just knit whatever it is she is going on and on and on about....

Some times, some of us, are able to mollify her by knitting a swatch.  I have to admit there is the moebius necked poncho that got swatched and is sitting to my right as we speak because I lost interest (shut up Minnie, it is not my next gave me ten already without the addition of extra hands to knit!)  But sometimes...that silly little mouse voice just takes over your life...

Which is the long way around of saying...Nothing to see here, but if you are interested in test knitting a shawl please speak up in this thread on Ravelry!

On that note I am going to go have an argument with some yarn that thinks it wants to be finger less mitts...I am 100% convinced I need some socks!

What are you up to this week?


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