Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Stash Enhancement Tuesday

This past weekend it was a pleasure to get to go to the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, in Worthington Ohio.  (It actually worked out very well for me, one of the minions needed to be dropped off in Dublin for a party, so with a little bit of a detour I was able to combine two trips into one, browse to my heart's content and then go back to Dublin to pick said minion up.)

The Mid Ohio Fiber Fair is a very small show, but gave me a great opportunity to chat (in person) with some indie dyers about their yarns, their process, their colorways and get to see people I am starting to consider to be "old friends" like Natasha of  Unplanned Peacock.

And get to know some other crafters a little bit better, like Michele of Michele's Assortments.

I also met a "newbie" dyer, Liana of Red Bird Yarn Studio , who was skeining yarn for her table while we chatted.  She had samples knit up for nearly all of her available at the show colorways, which I think was a fabulous idea as so many knitters cannot envision how self striping or variegated yarns will look when knit up when they only see them in the skein.  (I of course picked out the one she didn't have a sample of!  It is a gorgeous colorway called Peony and it is being ever so well behaved and just gently whispering that it would like to get knit up!)

Every year the fair has a raffle for various baskets containing donations from each of the vendors who attend.  The raffle supports a local food bank and I always buy a few raffle tickets (and view it as my entrance fee as it is a free event!).  Just as I was about to leave I got a text from the minion that had opted to stay home...."Someone just called to say you won basket number 2 in the raffle."  I guess habit had me writing down my landline number not my cell phone.  (I never expected to win, so hadn't given a thought about needing to collect the prize if I had already left for the day!)

Want to see the goodies that were in that basket?


And then, the three skeins of yarn and the shawl pin that I did purchase!

So how was your weekend?  (Yes, I know it is Tuesday, my weekend got away from me!)


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