Sunday, June 11, 2017

Not Silent at All...

To those who know me "in real life"....Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

For those who don't know me "in real life"...this post I made in one of the groups I belong to pretty much summed up my day...

"Thank you! I have had a great day.
It’s funny, all my life people have been trying to give me things that go in a box to make my birthday (or any day really) special…and today….no boxes at all. (My request, I am at that age, where if there is anything I really want…I bought it for myself before you could, and things just don’t have the same appeal they did when I was much younger.)
Listening to my kids cooking together (they made a cake , carefully dividing up the recipe so that each one contributed as much effort as the other two, so that it was a true group present), along with the birds that were singing in my garden, warm sun, slight breeze…a just complicated enough chart from a designer friend of mine (she writes what I would consider extreme lace, this one isn’t extreme but kept me on my toes).

This, this is what people had been trying to put in boxes and it isn’t something you can put in a box.

I probably need to stop reflecting on myself so much….but…darn me, it was the perfect birthday! And perfect days don’t happen to anyone very often.
The kids keep saying I need to find them some candles to put on the cake  so I can make a birthday wish…but honestly, all I would wish for is that for everyone to have a day like I just did."


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