Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Well it wasn't all ....

That Big Sale I was waiting for? 

I keep telling myself that it wasn't all that I hoped it would be (for example, no dollar deals on aran wool or felici sock yarn) but somehow...somehow I managed to stash away a little over 11,000 yards of yarn!

Want to see how it played out?

Who am I kidding, of course you do!

Ready for the is a box...
Once the tape was cut...
How does the quote go "I see wonderous things"...???

So what did I get in there?
I got...

What I consider to be some workhorse sock yarn - Stroll - in two colorways.

 Ash and Dogwood Heather.


Both great for designing with. (But only tax deductible when I actually do design with them, darn it!)

And, of course as Felici is back, I had to get some, including two colorways I missed the last time around because I dithered far too long about if I wanted them or not.

I have to say, I love knitting with the Felici and the stripes are so much fun, especially if you pair them with a design that using their so precise stripes to your advantage...but it really doesn't wear any where near as well as the Stroll.  But the feel and the colors make it worthwhile!

Alpaca Cloud in two colorways.  Both blue this time, go figure.  :)  Enough for one LARGE shawl in each colorway or several smaller ones.

Some Gloss fingering, because fingering weight yarn makes for a much quicker shawl than the lace weight.
And some sport weight Wool of the Andes for TOB to use for knitting fingerless mitts and hats.  (See how good I am about sharing my stash?)


In other news, we have slight progress on my ColourMart Lovers Contest piece, but only  a few more days to get it done!  Which with all the extra phone meetings and in person meetings and email threads that have taken over my life is getting harder and harder to do!
And finally, one obligatory picture of the Supermoon.  Monster Man, the new camera works just fine!

oops, nearly forgot about the extras!  I got 6 circular needles in sizes 1, 1.5 and 2 (two of each) and for purchasing quickly enough a small project bag.

I guess I wasn't as underwhelmed with that sale as I thought I was!

See you Friday when we will talk more in earnest about the Indie Designer Gift Along!  In the meantime I have some yarn to put away.


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