Friday, November 11, 2016

Don't Know About You But....

I am glad that this week is just about over!

Thank Goodness It is Friday and (most) people can start their weekend now.  Maybe take a breather and calm down a little, because there really is a lot of good stuff going on in the world.

First up - lots of designers are plotting and planning because it is nearly time for :

The Indie-Designer Gift Along.

There will be discounts on patterns from participating designers, chat threads and prizes!  Yes, prizes for knitting.  Doesn't get much better than that. But, more on that later, I am going to try and scope out some of the prettiest patterns and maybe share a few links because as we all know....Winter is Coming!

Speaking of winter coming, do you need a hat?  Or does someone on your gift list need a hat?

Suzette's Hat was published yesterday, with no hype from me.  A nice cabled hat, with the option to be a beanie or a slouchy, depending on how many times you knit the cable pattern.

The kids had fun modeling these as the weather was great on photo shoot day, and Pokemon Go was still new and exciting - oh who am I kidding, the thoughts of hitting poke-stops still has them agreeing to photo shoots even now that it is colder!

Knit in fingering weight it is a good transition hat, just right when you need more than nothing to keep your ears warm but before winter truly lets you know how cold she can get.  It is also thin enough that when winter does show you who is boss it can sneak under another hat so you have the benefit of layers in your winter wardrobe!

If you are on Instagram check out #knitterspayitforward.  I am in awe of the generousness and kindness of the knitting community.

Speaking of kindness, I think I might squeak out one more hat for Knit Warmth for Thanksgiving.  
I have noticed, in the past few days that crafters in general all seem to handle stress the same way.  We make things.  We give things.  We make more things.

But, the best quote I heard all week came from TOB.  TOB knits during his lunch break and rides to and from school, in fact he takes commissions for various items, even if I am still waiting for the pair of socks he promised me a few years ago.  Apparently in the lead in to and days immediately following the election the people around him were all becoming very opinionated (kind of a reflection of the outside world) and he did what crafters do and paid attention to his own knitting.  "And Mom, I knit so hard, I forgot to eat my lunch!  Have you ever done that?..."

So take a word of advice from the youngest knitter at Chez Yarn Diet - Knit hard, but don't forget to eat lunch.  :)


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