Sunday, November 13, 2016

Peaceful Sunday

I am taking a moment today to get things a little bit in order.

Putting things away that didn't quite hit their homes during the past two guests you know!

Starting to clean out my email inboxes that seriously got out of hand the past two guests you know!

Double checking my mental knitting queue for what I *need* to knit for the holidays - who I can cut from the list, who gets added. (Yes other daughter you will get your socks, maybe.)

Checking balances in all my accounts.  Doesn't everyone have five or six?

Making sure that all my currently "new stash" was actually stashed because....


Tomorrow is a BIG SALE.

And I might need to buy some things!

But I won't know until tomorrow, when I can see what is included in the big sale.

There is lots of chat on the Knit Picks Lovers threads on Ravelry about what may, or may not show up.  I think that the lead up and the guessing what will be on sale is all part of the fun.

Last year I scored big on some of the dollar deals, but there was no mention of those happening again this year.  More guessing, will there or won't there?

I hope that people are not being serious when they talk of hiding their purchases from spouses or significant others.  Yes, I know I am addicted to a lot of other addictions out there.  And yes, I know that when looked at by a reasonably intelligent person you might think that the personal yarn store I have in my basement is enough to keep any knitter stocked for years to come. But, yarn is non-fattening, legal, moral and non-political.  I have money stashed away for yarn, the same as I have yarn stashed away for knitting.  There is no danger of the kids going hungry or the mortgage not being paid because I bought a few more things.*

In fact, knowing that I could knit for a long time to come without having to spend more money, if I didn't want to, brings me peace.

And we all need just a little more peace in this world.


*But, MonsterMan, if you wanted to donate to my peace shopping, you know my account number.  LOL

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