Friday, November 25, 2016

Knitting and Crumpets

A couple of days in and the Indie Designer Gift A Long is going great guns!

As of my typing this there are 89 Finished Objects and a whole lot of chat shenanigans going on in the Chat, Chat, Chat! thread.

Noteworthy events....crumpets have been declared the official snack of the gift-a-long, but one of the mods has been dubbed "a crumpet short of a gift-a-long."

After a hard day of cooking, eating and knitting, followed by a day of mostly knitting and reading a fast moving, non-stop thread, I am exhausted!  (To follow my knitting progress for the day check out my Instagram!)*

Note to self, all this talk of crumpets has made me hungry...maybe I can find some at the store.


*Too much knitting to do to move pictures from my phone to my computer, but you can see it all unfolding there.

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