Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mid Week Check In

Wednesday's are for works in progress and there is a little bit that I can show you...

TOB has been plugging away knitting rabbits, camels, fingerless mitts and a pair of socks for the people he knows.  But today, tragedy struck and the only pair of size 1 needles that he owns broke!

Actually it has been the week of breaking things.

A little while ago I noticed that my photos were getting blurry.  Tried all the usual things (like using a tripod in case it was "she with the micro tremors" holding a camera results in not holding it still, cleaning the lens, using  a newer memory card...) but to no avail.  When the monster man arrived and had adjusted to being on East Coast instead of West Coast time we had him look at it.  Nothing that he adjusted did anything to help.

(Little secret here..any time that there is something in my life that isn't the way I want it, for some reason TMM seems to feel that he has to fix it for me, which for some things is easy and ok, and others it is harder and/or shouldn't be fixed for me but rather by me...but I digress...)

So he helped by throwing money at the problem and this showed up on my doorstep!

Pretty huh?

It is certainly an added bonus that he also played around with a few other things that weren't working the way they should!

Next up will be chairs because we managed to break some of those too!

So, not a lot of knitting content today from me...what's on your needles?


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