Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WIP-ing in the Wind

Not that it is windy here right now, but it is October in Central Ohio, so anything could happen!

Wednesday's make a good day for taking stock of where I am, what I am working on and what I need to do to finish the week out in a good place. (In all aspects of my life, not just the knitting side.)  It is also "garbage day" around here, which means I am already in the mindset for throwing things out, so if something isn't working that mindset can carry over and I can re-think, revise and re-work the plan.

So where am I?

The Colourmart Contest Piece (I have to give this poor gal a name at some point, but I'm not there yet!) is in the long dragging "middles".  Actually, yesterday I put the section I was working on in a holding pattern and started from the other end. 

I want to match those pretty little curves and stripes, and as the yarn I have is all there is. (Unless Sue at Colourmart could find more in what we refer to as her "magic hat") I need to make sure I don't go over on my yardage estimates.

I did start a pair of socks in honor of Socktober. 
A friend had asked me to come up with a pattern, on the quick, that wasn't too difficult, had a contrasting heel and toe and maybe some new techniques.

I gave her the pattern, untested, but decided that as I had gone to the effort of writing it, I might as well knit it as well and bang out a pair of Christmas Socks for one of the boys. It wouldn't be Christmas without socks in a stocking or three!

In between those two projects there was a little swatching and charting, but mostly I have been trying to teach myself how to draw schematics and after taking stock today of where I am, taking better pictures!

So while there is a little light left, I think I am going to go practice!

What's on your needles?


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