Saturday, October 15, 2016

Things That Drive Me Crazy

I am sure you have them, those pesky little things that just, well, bother you!

They might be things that you do to yourself, things that other people do or just plain things.

I am sure this list is nowhere near complete, but, to distract you from the lack of a Finished Object Friday post (did it work, by the way?) I thought I would start a list here, and would welcome you adding yours in the comments!

1) Self striping yarn of the same dyelot that is wound different directions!  Have you ever been knitting away quite happily on the second sock of a pair and noticed that it just doesn't quite seem to match the first sock?  We won't mention how long it took me to figure out that I had accidentally begun knitting fraternal socks when using both balls of yarn as center pull.  They started with the same color, and it all went backwards from there.  Ugh!

2) While we are talking about self striping yarn, what about those balls that have knots in them?  And worse, where the knot happens we suddenly find that two or three colors from that self striping yarn are missing in action! *

3) When I can find the perfect fiber and the perfect color, in my stash to knit with, but not in the same yarn.

4) When I can find the perfect fiber and color in the same yarn for my project in my stash...but I don't have enough of it to knit anything.

5) When I stress myself out starting two epic sized projects, both with deadlines.

6) When in the middle of those two epic sized projects I get myself sidelined because I cannot count to 8 successfully 12 times in a row.

7) To add to the above, when I am in the middle of two epic sized projects with deadlines and I allow myself to get sidelined writing a "one of a kind" pattern for someone, who never says Thank You.

8) Maybe this one shouldn't even go here, maybe somewhere in the world this is correct...but when people list their yarns on Etsy as "fingerling".  I hate to tell you this, but fingerlings are potatoes or young fish.** It is fingering weight yarn.

9) And finally, rounding out my top nine things that bother me...when I go to the pantry and someone has put the empty box that used to hold crackers back, so I didn't buy more!

What are your pet peeves or things that bother you?


*I have learned to re-wind all self striping yarn...well most of the time!  :)

**I suppose that someone could figure out how to make yarn out of potatoes or fish, but I am not sure that I want to knit with them.

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