Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday's Favs

I'm not in this issue of Knotions, got myself bogged down with some other things and never submitted anything, but that didn't stop me from anxiously watching their preview threads on Instagram and Facebook.  Or from rushing over there when the issue went live.
Several patterns made my queue of things to knit "someday".

Today, a really cool feature was added and the editor is putting up pictures of the designs in different colors so that you can see ahead of time how they would look in your favorites!  Amazing what a little change in color can do for a design.  (And that is something I will have to keep in mind while designing too!)

Other favs this past week...the Yarn Harlot seriously tempted fate!

She has also Instagramed pictures of the nearly complete little cardigan that pretty little grouping of yarn grew up to be, but now the suspense lingers...will she or won't she be blocking the Rhinebeck sweater in a hotel room the night of Rhinebeck?

I got some knitting done today, not as much as I had planned, but some!

What's on your needles this week?


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