Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Minimal Progress is Still Progress

I promised you yesterday that we would check in with my Colourmart Fall Contest piece....

It is progressing about as well as I would expect a piece of knitting that I haven't touched in days to progress - slowly! (And yes, that little voice in my head is still murmuring that she thinks it is bigger than I intend it to be, to which I have to whisper back - hush, trust the swatch.)

It isn't that I don't like it, I am still in love with my stripey chevrons and the yarn itself is a dream to work with, I've just had other things that needed my attention as well.

I have promised her that she will be my parking lot knitting for the rest of the week.

After all, my car has a handy cone holder for when I am knitting straight from the cone!
One year ago today I finished the shawl I knit for last years contest....Notice anything about the yarn?

I am nothing if not consistent.


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