Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tools on Tuesday

I got tagged recently on Instagram to post what my favorite knitting tool was, and thought it was interesting to look at the other posts with the same hashtag.  (Always on the lookout for a new favorite!)

I cheated and had two, my kitchen scales (not just for weighing fruit for jam or shrub...hmm I should check that it is probably just about the perfect black cherry and pepper shrub by now!) and a very basic calculator.

Other people picked things like their interchangeable needle sets. (I have to agree there, wonderful tools, which is probably why I have  no less than four different sets along with assorted extra tips and cables in my "go to" sizes.)

Tape measures in various sizes and shapes.  One knitter had this cute little red horse that a friend had made her that had a tape measure built in!  (You might notice in my picture rather that a tape measure I have a steel tape....I knit some pretty big pieces and to get the most accurate measurements  I like to use a measure that will not ever stretch, unlike the fabric one I used to use.)

Stitch markers galour!  I have such a love-hate relationship with stitch markers.  They really are useful and a great aid in counting large amounts of stitches when casting on, or to separate repeats of a pattern, but I find they get in my way sometimes too.  But...there are so many really cute ones out there!

The Knit Kit showed on in several peoples posts.  I actually made something similar as TOB's Christmas present last year, but I used a small plastic pencil box with a couple of dividers in it, threw in some stitch markers, a plastic tapestry needle, small stitch holders and a couple of other things.  He does a good job of keeping his tools all in one place, and we color coded them so he knows when he is borrowing my tools!

Swifts and Ball Winders also showed up, some made by knitters families and some purchased.  I know I would never be able to knit as many yards in a week as I do if I had to wind my yarn by hand and my ball winder has a permanent home on my desk, so I must use it pretty often!  :)

Nancebell in the comments on Sunday asked about the program I was using to draw schematics, and I am not sure if it is going to develop into one of my favorite tools or not, but I am using Inkscape.  Playing around with it has taught me how to do some of what I want, looking for tutorials on Youtube has shown me a lot of things that I will never use, but were interesting and helped me to figure out some of what I needed.  As with many things, I am sure I will get better at it the more I use it.

So, what tools are in your tool kit that you would call your favorites?

I'll have an update on my knitting for WIP Wednesday....I am going to have to come up with a way of making miles of chevrons in fingering weight yarn entertaining!


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