Thursday, October 6, 2016

Presenting....A Cozy Shawl for Fall

Long ago in a galaxy far wait, that isn't right!

Not that long ago, in my own cozy work space I opened a package that came in the mail from Unplanned Peacock Studio.  Inside were two skeins of yarn.  Perfectly paired to co-ordinate the riot of color in one skein and the subdued tonal shades of the other needed to be together forever!

As a knitter I find there are two ways to handle the "riot of color" yarns.  You can just knit them in a very plain way and let them do their thing, or, you can intensify the riot, add a little fuel to the fire.

I decided to add fuel to the fire and swatched the crazy colorway in a couple of stitch patterns until I found one I liked.

Subdued tonals are wonderful in complex patterns.  They fade to the background and let the stitches do the talking and I use them a lot with cable, lace or textured stitches because of that.

 But this time, I wanted that quiet and calm to really offset the riot of color and texture that the variegated yarn gave me.  Not completely left out of the patterning, just a quiet, buttery grace.

For a warm and cozy shawl, a lace edging just didn't seem right. Instead, soft and squishy ribbing that you can knit as long or as short as you want, rounds out the pattern.

 And so...Crazy for Caramel was born. (Co-incidentally the color names are Crazy and Caramel, which worked out perfectly for a pattern name!)

Knit with those two skeins of Cozy Sock, a warm and, dare I say, cozy, alpaca blend, this shawl fulfills my need for a warmer shawl in the early fall.

The pattern is completely written, no pesky charts to keep track of, so even though I usually don't take my shawls as my traveling knitting, you can definitely take this one with you where ever you care to knit.

I had so much fun knitting this that it has been hard not to knit another one in different colors!

For a limited time, to celebrate the pattern release, use coupon code in ShawlsofFall in your shopping cart in my Ravelry Store to take 20% off the cover price of any of my patterns.

While you go do that, I am off to wrap up in my shawl and knit...maybe even on this park bench.


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Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

So pretty! The name worked out perfectly! I love the color work and the stitch work looks spot on.

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