Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nothing To See Here

One of the problems with designing and test knitting is that sometimes I get so focused on just a couple of projects that are all "secret" and have nothing to show you.  But rest assured, there is knitting going on!  A lot of knitting!

Instead let's talk about TOB for a minute.

The Other Brother is the only one of my children who knits.  Which right now I am thinking is a good thing because....

He has started taking some serious commission knits from the people at the school he attends and it is seriously starting to damage my stash!

One of the students asked him to knit a camel, which he did, and got paid for!  Which led another to ask for a rabbit, which, again he did and got paid for...but it started a trend and now a selection of students want rabbits in various colors for gifts for younger siblings or themselves.

The problem is, although I have what I refer to as a robust stash, I do not have every color in the rainbow in every weight of yarn...and....well that is MY stash darn it!  What if I suddenly feel a need to knit myself a powder blue rabbit and he used up all my yarn?*

I keep telling him he needs his own Ravelry account to track what he has knit, but he would prefer to use my blog because...once you put something on the internet it is there forever and one day he will look back and say.....I knit how many rabbits?  :)

Don't look for a finished object Friday post from me...I have 50k stitches in one project and about 45k in another before I will be finished anything, but who knows, maybe the purple rabbit will be done by then!


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