Sunday, June 26, 2016

Through the Mist - New Pattern

Do you remember the second shawl from the Colourmart Spring Contest?  (She is at the bottom of that page.)  Well the testers knit her up in no time, and then she sat around for a minute or three waiting for final edits.  Then she sat around for a minute or three while another pattern took center stage.

On Friday, it was finally her turn and Through the Mist was published on Ravelry.

As is usual with my life, I then sat down to tell the universe, or at least the internet, about the pattern and got distracted by something else and never actual got around to telling anyone, other than a brief post on Facebook, that she was live!

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But, back to telling you (late) about the pattern!

From the pattern:

In late spring and early summer, occasionally there are mornings in Central Ohio that are special. A touch of mist curls around the trees and plants that grow in the fields near where I live and everything has a slightly surreal quality about it. I know that within a few short hours the sun will burn that mist away and add heat to the day, but I need a little something around my shoulders when I go out early. This top down triangle shawl fills that need. A relaxed knit for the knitter who is comfortable working from charts, in a light to heavy fingering yarn, this shoulder shawl knits up very quickly.
Cashmere/Merino 2/10NM Fingering Weight, 95 % Merino/5% Cashmere, 894 yards to 150 grams. 540 yards used for sample.
Size 4 (3.5mm) 40 inch circular needle or needle size required to obtain gauge.
Stitch Markers, smooth yarn for provisional cast on, and a large eyed tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
Lace motifs are presented in charted form only.

And now, "the rest of the story"...*

Having just got off a chart heavy pattern and being a little "socked out", I needed something that I could knit while watching movies with the kids.  Something that didn't have me too tied to a chart, or beads that  I could run through return rows on, but still feel like I was knitting something more than a garter stitch throw blanket.  (Yes, log cabin blanket, I still haven't forgotten you. We love how warm and snuggly you are when it is winter, but it is summer now!)

Using stitch markers that I have a love/hate relationship with, to center a lace motif and then as a counting aid so that I wasn't having to keep track of rows, made this a great movie watching project.

And those misty mornings?  If I leave the house early enough we are still getting them, we certainly were when I was knitting Through the Mist, and better yet, I have found she is perfect to throw in the car for when I am shopping or going somewhere air conditioned.


* Wasn't there a radio show that was the catch line for?

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