Friday, June 3, 2016

Almost, almost on a Friday

According to the math I have been doing I am almost, almost! 80% through the re-knit of my shawl.  With the redesign of the ending, even though there are over 500 stitches on my needles about 300 of them have been just plain knits for a little bit now.

All that changes on the next right side row I will be knitting as I have finally hit the edging! I will go from groupings of 25 plain knit stitches to  more "action" stitches , even my landmark stitches that I had left as plain knits from the beginning of the shawl start getting into the decrease/increase game that is lace.

No pictures of that today, it really looks very similar, if a bit larger, to what you saw the other day.  Even on my longest needles it is all scrunched up, but the parts I can see I am pleased with.

Even with all this counting down to being done, I know myself well enough to know what is coming next.  It always happens with the bigger projects.  I invest so much time and energy into just doing them and then getting close to finishing them that when the end happens I get this sense of let down.  Post Project Depression. *

Luckily, my mail man has already placed the cure in my hands. 

I haven't properly unpacked them yet, but here are my winnings from the ColourMart Lovers Spring Contest.  I worked that voucher for yarn really hard! 14,000 yards of extra fine merino and cashmere/merino blends just waiting for a project.


I saved the best for last.

Go check out the preview for the Early Fall 2016 issue of Knotions.  My knitting queue just got a whole lot bigger looking at the awesome designs that Jody has rounded up.  I wonder if I have enough of any one sock yarn to knit thigh highs?


*I am not in any way downplaying postpartum depression, that is a real disease and not at all what I suffer from with my post project depression.  Maybe I should call it post project letdown?

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