Saturday, June 11, 2016

Today's The Day!

I mentioned yesterday that today was a special day, and it is.

Not jut because it is my birthday, which it is.

Not just because the kids have decided that my birthday counts as a ten percent day.* Which it does. So there will be cake and pie on the menu for dinner tonight!

But, because today is the day that the Early Fall issue of Knotions goes live!

See anything you like in that pretty group of patterns?  I know I did!

But, this is my blog, so rather than just drooling over other people's patterns I will tell you a little bit about mine.  :)

A Walk in the Woods Sock.

Ever had one of those days where you just couldn't decide what you wanted to knit?  I know that it happens to a lot of knitters, their current project is boring them and they want to be working on that elusive "something else".  Maybe that something else is some lace to break up the monotony of a plain sweater or some cables to break up the dullness of a garter stitch blanket.  Maybe that something else is some texture rather than open lacework with beads.

Sometimes, I know exactly what I want to knit.  And other times, well I just want it all, and these socks have it!  Lace leaf motifs and texture on the front, cables and ribbing on the back.

I find, that in my own knitting, patterns that have a lot of different things happening in them tend to go faster than those that are long stretches of plain knitting, so these socks just about flew off my needles.

The socks pictured were knit in Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in the Dusty Turquoise colorway on size 1 (US) needles. The original prototype was knit with some discontinued Land O Lace Steffi.

Working with Knotions to bring you this pattern, was again a pure pleasure!  I didn't need quite as much hand holding, this time around, having been through the process once before with my Step Into Spring Socks, although getting the pattern back with the edits is always a little harrowing!  (This time I could have sworn I followed the style sheet and checked my grammar and spelling!)  I told the editor that my goal to was one day write a pattern that the tech editor could not find anything that needed to be corrected or changed and she pretty much laughed at me and said that even the very best patterns have something to change.  If she couldn't see anything initially she was liable to spend a lot more time going through the pattern a second and third time looking for what she missed.

I don't know what you have planned for the weekend, but for me it is off to a wild knitting party!


*Only eating healthy things all the time is limiting, so we claim that we eat healthy foods 90% of the time and 10% of the time, if we want ice cream and cake for dinner, well so be it.  Actually the way things work it is much less than 10% of the time that we throw caution to the wind and eat "junk" as the more time goes on, the less of the "junk food" we find we like!

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