Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WIP- Wednesday ~ Fifty Percent

The fickle knitter strikes again!

I should be much further along on the re-knit of my shawl.  The pattern is pretty intuitive, even if the rows are getting pretty long, but it seems like every other second that I am working on it, I am finding something else to do with my time!

I really wanted to have this off the needles by this weekend, photo's done and that hard part (the actual writing) well underway by next week.

Could it still happen?  hmmmm  Maybe.

Will it? hmmmmmm Probably not.

But, I did finally pass the fifty percent of the knitting done and each row from here sees a higher and higher percentage done.

And, I asked some of the best knitting friends in the world to take a look at several different ways of presenting the charts to get input, before I got to the "here test knitters see if you can read this chart" phase.  Having friends to bounce ideas off is more valuable than they will ever know!  Which got me to thinking.  I know, that is a dangerous activity!

Actually several, completely unrelated things got me to thinking.

Thinking about following dreams.

Thinking about how to make them a reality.

And how, moving my kids to North Carolina in the boys senior year of high school just isn't fair so, no, even though that job sounded like the "perfect thing for me right now" it could be the "perfect thing" just not now!

Do you have a creative dream you would like to make a reality?

Maybe we should talk about what it will take to get there!

Leave a comment if you are interested in hearing more about those thoughts and what your creative dream is.  Maybe, just maybe, we can work through them together.

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