Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ack, I'm what?

Do you remember when I got to the point where I had 17 more rows to do on my shawl and I decided that it would look much better if I changed it?  I asked for votes both here and on Ravelry for if I should rip back 71 rows or just finish that one up and knit it again.

The vote was for keep going and re-knit.

Well today, I have 17 rows left to go on my shawl.......

I had a peaceful day of knitting planned. 

So what did I do?

I surfed the internet.

I bought a new dishwasher...(Thank you for all your support buying my patterns, I decided I wanted a dishwasher more than I needed new yarn right now so although the hobby is supposed to be self supporting it is actually supporting my hating washing dishes by hand...first world problems!)

I played 144.

That game is harder than it looks, but I won a few times.

I cast on for another small project.

4 loads of laundry, grocery shopped, menu planned, cleaned bathrooms.

In short, everything under the sun other than knit those last 17 rows.

So tell me, what do you do when your knitting has hit that horrible place where you would rather clean bathrooms than look at those 500 plus stitch rows anymore?

Leave me a comment telling me what you do!


P.S.  I really do need to finish it up....I have test knitters waiting in the wings for this one.

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