Friday, June 10, 2016

It Will be an Exciting Saturday.....

Saturday will be an exciting day at Chez Yarn Diet, but until then.....

After working those final 17 rows, that felt like they would never end, which wasn't helped by my having a massive case of Knitters ADHD, I cast off the second version of my ColourMart Lover's Group Spring Contest Shawl. 

Once she was done and blocked there was the usual juggle to try and get the shawl, the model and the weather all playing nicely together at the same time!

One of the things that was distracting me from actually knitting those final rows was getting the charts and instructions in order.  I think that they are very nearly ready, which means the call for test knitters will be going out again.

I really should just create a standard "personal ad" that I use and just change the details depending on the project....In Search of Adventurous knitter to take long walks on the beach and knit a shawl.

The only parts that are missing, right now, from the pattern are the completed gauge and yarn usage.  As I went with smaller needles this one came in just under the yardage of the first version and is just ever so slightly smaller, but as you can tell this is still a big, wrap yourself up in fine merino, shawl.

As, with one of my other entries, this shawl does not follow the "normal" spine treatment of incorporating stitches from the main body of the shawl into the successive increases and giving an all over pattern, and as with that other entry, I am trying to "tell a story", and as  the other entry had only one person "got it" when I posted pictures...tell me....what do you think that the story in this one is?

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