Sunday, May 1, 2016

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Yet again, here it is Sunday, and I have no idea where the entire week went!  Wherever it went, I hope it had fun, especially as it seems to have done it without me!

I did get the newsletter out on time, which is a miracle in itself as I was convinced all day Thursday that I had at least three more days to get it done!  But a check of the calendar did prove that it was indeed Thursday and the following day was the final Friday in the month. For everyone who subscribes to the newsletter, thank you!  Don't forget to look for your "secret" promo code for patterns!

TDQ and I finally got some pictures of some mitts that I made some time ago, they are part of Andrea Jurgrau's new book New Heights in Lace Knitting.

The second link there will take you to an Amazon page that has a "look inside" option.  All of the patterns in this book have a story.  A story that is about a mountain or a mountain range.  I have knit most of them (yes, I noticed the book isn't out yet, I have the privilege of being one of Andrea's test knitters!) and can tell you that they are all wonderful knits.

The Annapurna shawls that I knit were originally going to be part of that project, but, as with all printed material, space was at a premium and something had to go!  All in all, 17 lace patterns stayed in the book.  I didn't knit all 17, but I should have because they are all a great deal of fun!

The mitts I mentioned above, take just a little bit of time. and in the time since I knit them have had a great deal of use.  I wore them to work when the heat went out at the branch I managed and the ice was creeping up the insides of the windows!  TDQ has worn them over "magic gloves" to keep her hands warm while walking between buildings at college, and a little of that wearing shows in the following picture because although I know I took some right after I knit them, I can't find them!  I swore that with the test knits for this book I was going to be more organized and put them all in a single file on my computer so I could find them...that system seems to have worked for about half the projects.  (Which is much better than the last book where I couldn't find any of the pictures and had to rely on what I had sent to Andrea and were still in my sent emails!)

In other knitting news, the third design for the Colourmart Spring Contest was cast off this morning!  I don't count lace finished until we have modeled shots. (Sweaters too for that matter!)

I still need to wash and block it, but the pattern is (mostly) written.  Once it is edited it will be another case of writing "personal ads" to see if there is any interest in test knitting it.  I am really beginning to appreciate the system that Andrea uses, she has a group of us that she sends photo's to and asks if anyone is interested in testing, we test and she moves on.  I do not (yet) have a core group of knitters to lean on!

The second design for the contest will be sent on to test knitters this week.  It is very simple, compared to a lot of things that I have knit, but filled a need that I had for those slightly cooler mornings!

On one of the forums on Ravelry there is a conversation about "little secrets" and a lot of them seemed to involve photography.  One designer stated that she was usually wearing slippers in her photo shoots, another has her youngest child take the is one of my "little secrets".....

If she agrees to the photo shoot who cares what she is wearing?

I think the combat boots go well with the shawl, don't you?

Until next quote Andrea...

Knit On!


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