Thursday, May 5, 2016

Did the World Hold It's Breath?

I think that the entire world has to have held it's breath for a while....  For two whole hours I literally had nothing on my needles!

Not that I don't have any incomplete projects, mind you, that sock weight blanket still needs a hundred-bajillion hexes knit but I cast off a project and didn't have any yarn handy to cast on the next one.

Having gone a few days with no socks on the needles (yes those tweedy ones you saw in progress have been finished) I know that The Monster Man was concerned!  (Actually he wasn't concerned so much as making fun, but he will pay for it...LOL)

Maybe his concern was justified.

In the two whole hours I had nothing to knit I came up with an entire sock series plan!

I cast on the first one to take the edge off the withdrawal symptoms before I put dinner in the oven.

You can all breathe again now!


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