Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

That, or I want another three or four sets of arms!

I mentioned yesterday that in two hours of down time I came up with 24 related but different pattern ideas.  Today, there I was happily knitting along on the Dragon that TDQ wanted me to knit for her friend's birthday and yet another idea popped into my head and would not shut up until I pulled up excel and charted it.

Then the rotten people  at Enablers R Us, otherwise known as the Colourmart Lovers group on Ravelry, assured me that I could knit just one more lace weight shawl before the contest ends in two weeks.

I would apologize to everyone that I have taught to knit, or shown the joys of a fine merino, cashmere, silk or blend, but I am not sorry about that part of things.

What I am sorry about is that I don't have enough hands to knit all the things at once!

How can you know the joy of a pattern that just flowed if I don't knit it right now?!?!??*

Good thing I have been making sure that the kids know how to cook, I might starve if it wasn't TOB's turn to make dinner.  :)

*Yep, that is one more cast on for the Spring Design Contest.  I wonder if TDQ wants to make dinner tomorrow?

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