Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

For those of you that live in the United States, today is Mother's does that go again...

To all the mothers, sisters of mothers, , daughters of mothers and mothers of mothers.  To all the people who have "mothered" another, be they a blood relation or not.  To all the fathers of mothers, brothers of mothers, sons of mothers, or men who have had to step in and become the mother...

Happy Mother's Day.

Out of all the days of the year that you are "on the job", this is supposed to be your one special day.  (And chances are, for many of you, the people who were supposed to remember it...forgot! But overlooking that and remembering that you love the sorry little forgetful people is also just part of being a mother!) I hope you got to spend it doing the things you truly enjoy!

My day was the usual, running around doing laundry and yard work, cajoling teens into modeling,  knitting and charting, editing patterns, dreaming of yarn that I don't have in my hands and enjoying the stuff that is in my hands. A typical Sunday really.

I accidentally stole the size 2 needles that I was using for the dragon to knit the latest shawl.

 (Not that I don't have 42 other size 2 needles that I could use, but they were on my desk and didn't have stitches on them.)

 The beginnings of a top down triangle shawl that starts with just three stitches always makes me feel like Super Knitter!
  Before you know it you are 30 or 40 rows in and feeling like you are making great headway and then the inevitable happens...the rows get longer!

The ColourMart Contest ends on the 22nd.  That gives me two weeks to knit a lace shawl....not to mention finish designing it!  I know how it begins and how the middle runs, the ending not so much....although having typed that maybe I do have an idea.

I think that along with finding someone else to cook dinner I need a calculator and an excel sheet.


See ya!


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