Friday, May 13, 2016

How Many Things Can You Juggle?

The fine people at Enablers R Us The ColourMart Lover's Group were pretty sure I could knit this lace weight shawl in the days remaining in the Spring Contest, to start with my pride had me thinking I could do it too, with days to spare but it is going to be really tight as I did some extra math and allowing for the shawl increasing by 4 stitches every right side row and how many more rows I have charted....I am just on 48% of the way through the knitting. (I didn't account for binding off...ack that is essentially another two rows the way I plan on doing it.)

For a little bit I have been leapfrogging a swatch with the real shawl.  Little Sister is smaller (by a couple of pattern repeats at the beginning) but is already at a fairly healthy 200 or so stitches.  Which means she takes almost as long to knit a repeat in as the full size shawl. With the contest officially closing at 12:30 am, Sunday March 22, my local time, I don't think that I have time to knit both so I am just going to wing it and hope the charts all work out how I intend. (So far in all the leapfrogging I have only changed one small thing, so I have good hopes for that part....but....)

I might not make it.

Especially as....

I currently have two sock test knits that are just wrapping up and two shawl test knits that are just getting rolling, a whole bunch of sock patterns in development (only one on the needles being neglected in favor of the shawl right now) and a cowl that is just about ready to test.

Maybe somewhere along the lines I bit off more than I can chew!  Although with as much (and as fast) as I eat lately, the kids will just tell me to take a deep breath, chew and swallow, just like I do with food!

No finished objects today....maybe next week!


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