Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Problem with Test Knitters!

Running multiple test knits at the same time is not without it's pitfalls!  Especially when the two patterns are "somewhat" related...both in this case being what I call "fickle knitter's specials", ones that contain lace, cables and texture.....and one is a secret and the other isn't.

I find that when I have "lived" in a pattern for the time it takes me to come up with the plan, chart it, write it, knit it (probably three or four times) and edit it,  I am blind to a lot of what is in the pattern when I send it off into the waiting hands of the people whose job it is to spot the errors and get me to fix them before the end user gets their hands on the pattern.

I try to be very approachable during a test knit, you have a question, I try to answer it really quickly!  I have been on the other side of that fence, waiting for the answer before I can continue working on a project that I have given priority to, because someone else is waiting to publish and it makes a difference to their income stream how quickly and accurately I get them the "it's fine" or "this doesn't work" or "this reads in a way that I could (and have) misinterpreted what you have said."

Today I was answering questions from the veggie garden that we changed the fence set up for and I started digging over and amending the soil to, so that we can have home grown veggies later this year.  (Smart phones are the greatest! except...I don't have my files on my phone!)

That is pitfall number one.

But the biggest pitfall?

When my test knitters share pictures, either on Ravelry or via email, with me and I end up with a serious case of yarn envy!

Is is just that it is spring and I want to knit all the things?  Or do you get project and yarn envy when you see what other people have made?

No knitting updates today from me, I have been working in the garden, and enjoying spring at it's best in Central Ohio!


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