Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It Isn't Over Until the Blocking is Done!

I am one of those people who always feels just a little bit of a let down when the project is done.

Strange really, when the end is in sight I start racing to the finish and second guessing if the yarn or the beads will hold out.

On the final rows I was weighing the cone every row just to make sure that this yarn and I would make it to the cast off.

During the cast off I was counting stitches and knitting faster and faster just so that I would have that brief thrill of winning at Yarn Chicken (by a landslide I might add, there are 13 whole grams of yarn left!) and of saying "It's done".

Which is promptly followed by a small hole in my chest's done.  What next?

I can get over that well, this time, though.  When you knit lace and straight from the cone with ColourMart yarn, just casting off isn't enough.  The saying may be that it isn't over until the fat lady sings, but in this knitter's world, it isn't over until the washing and blocking are done.* 

Is she everything I dreamed?  I can't tell yet, but I can tell that she is bigger than I thought she would be, but exact measurements will have to wait until she has had her spa treatment.  Then it will be a round of photo's and putting the finishing touches on the pattern before I can say for real that she is done.

Washing the oils out of a ColourMart Yarn can take a while, so that will be a project for the weekend.  So, technically, this is still a WIP.  :)

As to the question what is next.....


*ColourMart Yarns come with machine oil on them to allow commercial weaving and knitting.  Getting those oils out of the yarn can take several hot, soapy, water soakings and gentle washing.  Merino and Mohair both shrink or full quite well given hot water, soap and agitation, so it has to be washed very gently or I will have wasted hours of work!

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