Friday, April 1, 2016

Aren't Friday's for Finished Objects?

I was going to make you a pan of brown e's for April Fools day, but somehow I have lost the picture of the ones my kids made me a year, or was it two, ago!  So you will have to make do with one!

Here you go...


Ok, now that the April Fool's Day Foolery is done...

All you get today is a progress report. 

The rows on my ColourMart Spring Contest Shawl are getting longer and longer.  It is really hard to accurately judge how much yarn is left on that cone, I keep weighing it and crossing my fingers that it will hold out through the charts I wrote and the edging.

If I was clever enough I would make one of those "What I think I do" photo things that I keep seeing on the internet.  You know the ones.

This one would look something like this:

What Knitters Think I do....and there would be a picture of the money rolling in.

What my Family Thinks I do.....maybe a picture of someone sitting in front of a television, in their pj's, knitting. (Not that I sit in front of the television to knit.  It may come as a shock to the rest of the world, but I think it has been three or four months since we turned the thing on!)

What Editors Think I do.....picture of someone blindfolded while typing a pattern.

What I think I do.....picture of someone having an "inspirational moment"

What I actually do....stressed out person creating charts in excel with a calculator, pencil and many ripped apart swatches covering their desk.

But, back to the progress report!

So far, all the charts are working out pretty much the way I intended them to.  The "spineless spine" has sections that look like actual vertebra, probably something like C5-T1, with some random L1-3 thrown in just because.  It is remarkably hard to chart though! 

Typically for a top down triangle you can chart half the triangle, put in the spine stitch with the repeat following it as just "go back and do the same again" with the edge stitches shown on the other end...this one has the knitter doing different things utilizing one stitch on the sides and one dead center of the shawl.  As soon as I figure that little conundrum out the pattern is just about ready for testers.  

If the yarn holds out I have 20 more rows of the body and the edging to go.  I should probably put in a lifeline now, as I am at a good stopping point for if the yarn doesn't hold out and can just add the edging here, but....

Well, I like to live dangerously!

I have said it before and I will say it again, about many things...

It is a calculated risk, but I am not very good at math!

I will see you tomorrow with some exciting news!!!




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