Monday, April 4, 2016

Back to the Shawl Again

Well, that was an exciting weekend! 

Not one but two patterns pushed out of their warm little hiding places in the "My Patterns" file on my computer, out into the world,  or at least onto the internet. Thank you to everyone who popped over here from Melody's Makings and Knotions.  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my little corner of the world.

Once  the initial excitement wore down a little (I am still not saying it has worn off!) it was back to the shawl design again.  The rows are getting longer and longer, while the cone of yarn is getting lighter and lighter.

I am certain the yarn will hold out to the edging, I am a little concerned about being able to make it through the edging.  Unlike my Caramel and Cinnamon Shawl, I didn't intend for this one to have a contrasting border, but it might yet!

Of course, my creating the charts and then knitting the shawl is just the first small step towards having a pattern for you!  (At the very least she needs a name other than ColourMart Spring Contest 2016 Design.) Assuming that I don't look at her once she is off the needles and decide I want to change something and have to knit her all over again, there is the written portion of the pattern to consider, photography, editing, proof reading, test knitting.....All the behind the scenes stuff that the knitter doesn't see, unless she happens to be the designer.

She doesn't look like much yet, but has already taken weeks of planning, charting and knitting!

That would probably be why my sock patterns out number my shawl patterns by a lot!  They are so much quicker to design, less stitches to juggle in a chart, less stitches to juggle on my needles and typically, less words to tell you how to do them!

For those who were wondering, Margarita's Coverlet and I had a slight falling out this past week. All the charting and planning I was doing on other projects meant she is back in the giant project bag, for a little while, but I promised her that I would get back to her sooner rather than later!  Maybe once I have cast off the ColourMart Shawl.

I didn't ask you on Sunday, but what's on your needles this week?



Jenny Plowman said...

Ooh! this looks fab. Love the colour.

Mary said...

Thanks Jenny! I thought the colour was perfect for the shawl, pity that my daughter made off with it after it was complete!