Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sitting by the Dock of the Bay, (Not) Wasting Time.

At least once a week there is somewhere that I have to be, waiting for someone else to do something. For you that might be waiting for baseball, gymnastics or dance practice to end.

For me, a lot of my waiting time is in school parking lots, libraries and doctor's offices. But inevitably it is somewhere that the big project with beads, charts and patterns, just isn’t part of the program.

You have heard me mention before that I always have a "pocket project" going, usually socks, sometimes swatches, just something to break the boredom of waiting or feeling that my time was not well spent.

This sock was born during one of those times where I needed something to knit, but hadn't planned ahead enough to know what to knit!

 Sitting, in the comfy chairs, in the periodicals section of the local library I cast on for a sock and let the shelves provide the inspiration for what the sock would be.  TOB (The Other Brother) was very impressed when he was finished and saw how far into the leg of the sock I was and how it did look like the shelves in front of me!

But here is the best part.

 Melody over at Melody's Makings is hosting this pattern that you can grab from her website for free as part of her Guest Contributor Program.

Want to know a little more about the pattern?

We'll start with the name!

I have a very eclectic selection of music on my ipod, Sitting by the Dock of the Bay was playing when I started creating these socks, and I hate the feeling of wasting time so....(Not) Wasting Time was how I was singing along (just in my head) while knitting!

Knit from the cuff down in an easy to memorize two row stitch pattern you will be surprised at how quickly the socks knit up!  A minute here, a few minutes there and suddenly you are at the heel flap.

The pattern stitch is simple enough that you can use just about any yarn you like, from handpainted yarns (like in the blue and purple one) to stripes (the greens) or anything in between.

Offered in two sizes they are the perfect "knit it and forget it until the holidays" project. Or use some of that time that you spend waiting for someone else and knit a pair for yourself!

I love seeing what other people create from my patterns!  If you are on Ravelry be sure to link your project to the pattern, which can be found here, and I promise I will take a look and love what you make!

Edited to add:  Have questions?  I have an FAQ page here or you can contact me at the email address in the pattern!



Heather said...

Hi, I'm loving this sock pattern, but I'm working on the gusset now and have a question. It says to repeat the gusset decreases until there are 63 stitches total for the 64 stitch sock size. That would mean only 1 decrease, on 1 side. Wondering what this number should really be. Thanks!

Mary said...

You need the uneven number of decreases to maintain the continuity of the patterning on the top of foot. We adjust again in the toe. Hope that helps.